Intuitive  Coaching

Coaching is by Phone or Skype

Intuitive Coaching is a unique combination of Chakra/energy healing, coaching, energy reading, breathe work, and guidance in holistic healing tools and methods for your specific needs.

Working with an intuitive life coach is about allowing yourself the space and support to Authentically Reconnect & Align with your Brilliant Beautiful Spirit. 

You are the co-creator of your life and through a better understanding of yourself and the beliefs that are not serving your highest good, you can begin to embrace your personal power and allow yourself to align your actions and thoughts in self-love and harmony.  


All that surrounds us is a reflection of our inner world, our beliefs, and our patterning. As you begin to see yourself as you truly are, a spiritual being having a human experience, you can begin to feel differently and open up to living your best life. This is a journey of profound personal growth in Finding your own Voice, Standing in your Power and Integrity, & Taking Personal Responsibility for your Life. 

Coaching is for you if any of the following apply:

*You want to re-connect with Spirit and want to be more centered, grounded, focused and confident.
*Need some direction, motivation, inspiration and accountability in your personal life or small business.
*Are interested in exploring your spirituality and incorporating a holistic lifestyle.
*You are eager to align your actions and thoughts in self-love and harmony.

Coaching provides the insight, perspective, guidance, support, and accountability required to move through our shadow self and expand past our limited and negative programming and into our greatness!

Certified Energy/Spiritual Healer & Intuitive Life Coach. 

Brynna Lyon

Coaching Packages

Self-Love  *   Small Business *Spirituality *Stress  Management

*and  much more... 

Firefly Package-$475 

(4-weekly or bi-weekly sessions)

Hummingbird Package-$888

(8- weekly session)

Michele, Denver, CO

"I had the privilege to work with Brynna for the last six months.  We first started working on releasing some of my emotional and healing needs and it eventually morphed into a business coaching relationship. She helped me to see patterns of behavior and outdated thought patterns that could be released.  After receiving her healing, I definitely felt better physically and mentally. She also helped me to realize a passion and dream I’d had hidden inside me.  With her help, I launched a new business in only a few months after working with her.  I highly recommend her skills as a healer and a coach.   She has a gift to help you realize your dreams and goals while providing gentle support and healing along the way."  

Jewell, MA

"Brynna Lyon is a gift from God. I’ve had the honor of knowing Brynna for almost 2 years, meeting her through a holistic certification training program. Brynna has worked with me both professionally & personally helping me with clearing away mental/emotional blocks that were (at times) interfering with the momentum in moving my life forward. She intuitively suggested and generously offered healing energy work for me with something l have been struggling with in my personal life. Since working with her on a weekly basis over the past couple of months, I can honestly say I feel more confident, grounded, and focused...AND my business has consistently grown! Brynna has a unique disposition in that she is able to balance humor, gentleness, and fire with a natural assuredness and ease making it a delight to work with her.! Thank you, Brynna, for your unconditional love, care and support along my journey. "

P: 206-588-9352
Pacific Time Zone

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