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The Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions, such as, fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

Check out the Flower Remedy Chart Below!

Rescue Remedy

Natural Stress Relief. Safe for Kids & Pets.

Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 of the original Bach Flower Remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900th. Rescue Remedy has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience, tension, trauma, and pressure. It has also been used successfully with children to stop a tantrum, before a speech or job interview. Rescue Remedy helps us relax, get focused and get the needed calmness to deal with lives ups and downs

Star of Bethlehem: Orithogalum umbellatum
For trauma and shock.


Rock Rose: Helianthemum
For frozen terror and panic.


Cherry Plum: Prunus cerasifera
Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.


Impatiens: Impatiens gladulifera
For irritability, tension and fidgety.


Clematis: Clematis vitalba

For the tendency to "pass out", and unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally.

27% Grape Based Brandy or Palm Based Glycerin as preservative

Rescue Sleep

Natural Sleep Aid.

Rescue Sleep / Rescue Night calms your restless mind providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. Non-habit forming, Non sedatives, No hangover, Fast acting, Insomnia Caused by Stress 

Made from 6 of the Bach Flower Remedies.

White Chestnut: To help ease restless mind.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock.

Clematis: For the tendency to "pass out", and unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally.

Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.

Impatiens: For irritability, tension and fidgety.

Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.

Flower Remedies

Indication & Outcome Chart 

Agrimony- Communicate Openly

Indication: Hides problems behind a cheerful face.

Outcome: Cheerfulness that stems from a genuine sense of self-acceptance and inner joy.


Aspen- Feel Secure

Indication: Fears & worries of unknown origin, night terrors.

Outcome: A state of inner peace, security, and fearlessness.


Beech- Be More Tolerant

Indication: Intolerant of others, critical, always in the right.

Outcome: Tolerance and a sense of unity & compassion towards others.


Centaury- Be Assertive

Indication: Weak-willed & easily led. Find it hard to say no!

Outcome: Trust your own inner wisdom and follow it. Self-assured & decisive.


Cerato- Trust Intuition

Indication: Seek advice & confirmation from others.

Outcome: Trust in one’s own wisdom, judgment, & choices.


Cherry Plum- Be In Control

Indication: Anger & fear of losing control of your own behavior.

Outcome: A calm mind and are able to think and act rationally.


Chestnut Bud- Learn From Mistakes

Indication: Failure to learn from past mistakes & experiences.

Outcome: Observe your own mistakes with objectivity and from them.


Chicory- Love Unconditionally

Indication: Overly possessive & over protective of others.

Outcome: Able to care for others unselfishly, offering genuine maternal love.


Clematis- Have Focus

Indication: Dreaminess, lack of interest in present, daydreamer.

Outcome: Interest in the world around and enjoyment of life.


Crab Apple- Accept Imperfection

Indication: Poor self-image, sense of uncleanliness.

Outcome: Acceptance of oneself and One’s imperfections.


Elm- Be Efficient

Indication: Overwhelmed by responsibility. Feeling tired & depressed.

Outcome: Restoration of one’s normal capable personality and self-assurance.


Gentian- Accept Setbacks

Indication: Easily discouraged with small setbacks & depressed.

Outcome: Realization that there is no such thing as failure when doing your best.


Gorse- Have Hope

Indication: Hopelessness and despair, for people who have given up.

Outcome: Sense of faith & hope despite current physical or mental problems.


Heather- Empathize & Listen

Indication: Self-preoccupied, self-concerned, or talkative.

Outcome: Good listener who is generous in helping others. Selfless.


Holly- Goodwill Towards Others

Indication: Envious, jealous, feelings of hatred.

Outcome: Generous-hearted person able to give without making demands.


Honeysuckle- Embrace The Now

Indication: Dwells on the past, over-attachment to the past.

Outcome: Ability to live in the present, able to move forward in life without regret.


Hornbeam- Procrastinate Less

Indication:  “Monday morning feeling”, mental weariness.

Outcome: Certainty of one’s strength and ability to face the day’s work.


Impatiens- Have Patience

Indication: Impatience, people who are easily irritated.

Outcome: Someone who is decisive and spontaneous, less hasty in action.


Larch- Have Confidence

Indication: Lack of self-confidence, people who don’t try.

Outcome: Determined, capable, with realistic sense of self-esteem.


Mimulus- Face Your Fears

Indication: Fear of known things such as illness, death, and accidents.

Outcome:  Quiet courage to face trails and difficulties with humor and confidence.


Mustard- Be Joyful

Indication: Deep gloom with no origin, unable to shake off at will.

Outcome:  Return of joy, supported by an inner stability and peace.


Oak- Restore Endurance

Indication: Exhausted but struggles on, keep going ignoring tiredness.

Outcome:  Restores their energy and helps them recognize the need to take time off.


Olive- Restore Energy

Indication: Lack of energy, exhaustion to the point of tears, tires easily.

Outcome:  Restoration of strength, vitality and interest in life. Peace of mind.


Pine- Have Self-Respect

Indication: Self-reproach and guilt, blames themselves.

Outcome:  Accept  responsibility realistically and have sound judgement.


Red Chestnut- Peace Of Mind

Indication: Fear or concern for others and welfare of others.

Outcome:  Ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety.


Rock Rose- Have Courage

Indication: Terror such as after being in an accident or nightmares.

Outcome:  Courage and presence of mind. The person is calm and self-forgetful.


Rock Water- Flexible Mind

Indication: Inflexible, self-denial and set themselves high standards.

Outcome:  Ability to hold high ideals with flexible mind.


Scleranthus- Be Decisive

Indication: Uncertainty and indecision, faced with two possibilities.

Outcome:  Certainty and decisiveness with poise and balance in all circumstances.


Star of Bethlehem- Neutralize Grief

Indication: After effects of shock, mental or physical.

Outcome:  Neutralize the effects of trauma whether immediate or delayed.


Sweet Chestnut- Be Optimistic

Indication: Extreme mental anguish, at point of breakdown.

Outcome:  Liberation from despair and despondency. Peace of mind.


Vervain- Relax & Calm

Indication: Over enthusiasm. Those with fixed principals and ideas.

Outcome: Calm, wise and tolerant. Able to relax and take broad view of life & events.


Vine- Motivate Not Dominate

Indication: Assertive and inflexible. Often very capable and ambitious.

Outcome:  Determination without domination. See the good in others/encourage.


Walnut- Adapt To Change

Indication: Protection from change and outside influences.

Outcome:  Ability to move forward and remain steadfast to one’s path in life.


Water Violet- Connect With Other

Indication: May appear proud, aloof to others, may feel lonely.

Outcome:  Warmer relationships with others while maintaining one’s wisdom.


White Chestnut- Calm The Mind

Indication: Unwanted thoughts, mental anguish, repetitive thoughts.

Outcome:  Peace of mind, the head is clear and thinking is under control.


Wild Oat- Decide Your Path

Indication: Uncertainty as to correct path in life. At a cross road in life.

Outcome:  Clear picture of what to do in life with positive ideas and ambitions.


Wild Rose- Show Enthusiasm

Indication: Designation and apathy, for those who are resigned.

Outcome:  Lively & interested in life, work and the world in general.


Willow- Forgive & Forget

Indication: Self-pity and resentment, feel more or less put-upon.

Outcome:  Allows people to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life.

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