Ultimate Focus through Clearing & Organizing Checklist

February 1, 2018

Here are some helpful tips and things to think about when it comes to clearing out the clutter- mental, emotional, & physical while getting organized and working in more effective ways. Remember this is a long list so not everything will be done all at once but this can be used as a guide to create some goals  :) 


1. Schedule time to work in a space that promotes what you are trying to accomplish!

Let’s say you are filling out job applications or you regularly work from home. It is super easy to get distracted by other projects that need to be done so try going to a local work source, library, outside office, or a separate work space. Another great place is a local coffee shop. Purposely, schedule time to work where you can get away from other distractions. Don’t forget the value of getting out in nature or stepping away from your normal work space to regroup and find some clarity on a great plan of action.


2. Clean up your devices! 

If you are like me, you get a lot of emails and it can tend to be overwhelming. Although I have the best of intentions, I find many articles and things I had planned to use sitting in my inbox going to waste. Or I get an alert or email that end up taking my attention off of my really priority. Things that I have found helpful are:


a) Unsubscribe or change the frequency settings on newsletters or emails that you don’t read or don’t use

b) Delete apps that are a pure waste of time or that are not being used

c) Delete or close online accounts that you don’t use or don’t provide value in your life. Then unsubscribe from the emails.

d) Unsubscribe or delete social media groups that you are not actively participating in or are not providing value in your life.

e) Combine multiple versions of documents to create a updated document and delete files on your computer that are no longer needed.


3. Evaluate your associations, memberships, groups, and networking groups.

Are you getting value from these? Does participation in them make good use of your time and are they getting you closer to your goals? Do they still resonate with you? Time is valuable and are you getting a good return of investment on your time? Don’t be afraid to let go of, resign, leave the group, or reduce the amount of time and effort you give. This also makes room from new opportunities to come.


4. Get rid of items that you don’t use, love, & that are broken.

The truth is that most likely you are not going to ever get around to repairing that broken vase that has been sitting there for over a year. Nor are you going to use the exercise equipment sitting in your spare room that you have used twice in 3 years. However every time you pass buy them along with all the other unfinished projects & items not in use, they are mentally distracting & exhausting your energy in an overwhelming never ending to do list.

You have an energetic connection to all your physical items. Anything that is not useful and is just taking up space without bringing you joy is just weighing you down along with keeping you an emotional and mental prisoner to your past. We are meant to live in the present moment. Yes, we can honor our past and especially our past loved ones but that does not require us to be attached to physical items. Those items are not our loved ones and some of our items are not even a true reflection of who we are anymore. They may even bring us pain when we touch or look at them. Holding onto too much of the old can keep us stagnant or even trapped in grief instead of allowing us to fully release and truly connect with the present moment and our hearts. Our hearts are where the love & memories of our lost ones truly remain, not the item.

I encourage you to intuitively start in any area of your house or office that feels the most draining and spend 15 minutes at a time seeing what needs to be thrown away, donated, sold, recycled, etc. There are lots of resources to use to get rid of these items and even earn some money. If this is overwhelming for you I encourage you to ask a friend for help or to hire someone. You can also utilize consignment shops or offer to give someone a percentage of the sale and have them sell online for you.


5. Separate work and home life as much as possible.

If you work from home set up a separate room for your work and work in there if possible. If you are not able to have a separate room try putting up a divider or separating a section of an area that allows you to shut out other people and is free from clutter. Only keep the items or materials that are relevant and needed in your work space. If you do need to work in a combined space it can be helpful to put away your laptop, books, papers or other work tools at the end of your work time.


6. Clean, organize, and combine!

This is probably going to be a process so I suggest making a list of what needs done and do them as you have time.

A) If you haven’t done so already start a file box to keep all your important papers or consider a secure online storage program to scan and store all your documents that you don’t need the original copies of.

B) You can also scan and securely store online business cards, receipts, contacts and much more.

C) If you have multiple versions of a document or 500 to do lists laying around consider combining them into one document or get an online app (like task master). Another great way is to get a clip board or a notebook and keep everything in one location.

D) Utilize a online calendar program ( like google calendar) and plug in important information right away. You can put in notes, reminders, daily tasks, addresses, phone numbers, and other important information right into the program for easy access on the go along with setting an alarm. Start scheduling in time for your priority tasks. This can even include gym, social activites, meditation, or home organization time.

E) Start shredding old paperwork and file documents or put information in it’s proper place. Some office supply stores offer low cost shredding services also.

F) Write down your passwords! Nothing is worse & wastes your time then having to recover passwords. This can definitely  take you on a wild goose chase and get you off focus. My suggestion is create a word document with all your accounts and emails however print it out and hand write in all your confidential information such as User id’s, passwords, and account numbers. Then store it in a locked box or other secure place. You can also get a locking index card holder with alphabet card dividers and use index cards to store your passwords & Id’s.


7. Start delegating tasks & Hire an Expert.

When the amount of time and effort in trying to figure it out or do it yourself could be better utilized else where, it is time to hire a expert or a professional.

What are somethings that you can let go of and let other people take care of or take responsibility for? Maybe it is time to hire help like a house cleaner, personal assistant, babysitter, handyman, carpenter, social media guru, design professional, or organizational help?


Written by Brynna Lyon of True Essence- Certified Energy Therapist & Intuitive Life Coach

If you found this article was helpful & brought some value to your life please share it and be sure to like my Facebook page- HealingwithBrynna



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