How to use Essential Oils

May 24, 2018

Please review- What it takes to be a therapeutic grade oil & How to safely use essential oils in my other blog posts. 


Inhalation: Breath directly out of bottle. Put a drop on a cotton ball or Q-tip, or put a drop in the hands and cup over nose and breath.


Cold Diffusion: When diffusing for therapeutic purposes always use a cold diffuser. Heat will cause molecules of oils to expand decreasing their therapeutic benefits. If the molecules are too large they can no longer penetrate the membranes and enter the system.


Topical Application:  Apply directly to a chakra, the bottom of the feet, meridian points, over organs and glands, or directly on a point of pain in the body. Please dilute with carrier oil if oil is irritating to skin. See safety sheet.


Compress: Fill a glass bowl with hot or cold water and add desired essential oil. Stir the water vigorously then lay a towel on top of the water. Since oils will float to the top, the towel will absorb the oils with the water. Once the towel is saturated, wring out excess water. Place towel over area needing compress. If hot compress, cover with a dry towel and a heat pack or hot water bottle. If cold compress, cover with a piece of plastic wrap and then a towel. Finally, cover with another towel or blanket. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes. (One to two hours is best)


Sprays: Always use a colored glass bottle. Brown glass is generally best. Use distilled or pure filtered water. (Never tap water) Add the desired essential oil and shake well before each use, since oils will separate from water. This is wonderful to use as room or body spray. It is also a great way to make your oils last longer.


Baths: Since the essential oils will float to the top, it best to mix the oils in Sea Salt or Epsom Salt before adding to the bath water. If you prefer to not use the salts it is best to get into the bath water first and then add the oils. You can also add a tiny bit of coconut milk to the bath. This will keep the oils from burning sensitive areas on the body.


Cleaning & Disinfecting: Many oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-septic. They are a healthy alternative to using dangerous chemicals & detergents. Hint: Just 12 drops of lemon essential oil in a 4 oz glass bottle works greats for spraying off fruits and vegetables from the store before eating. Thieves is another great oil spray to use during cold and flu session.


Pet Care: Many of the essential oils are safe to use on animals. See dilution recommendations for dogs and cats. Purification and/or Lavender diluted with distilled water in a spray makes a great non-toxic flea & tick spray.


Painting: To effectively remove pain fumes when painting indoors add one 15 ml bottle of essential oil to five gallon bucket of paint. Citrus oils work great and tend to be less expensive. Stir paint occasionally when using water based paints as the oils may float to the surface over time.    


I proudly use and sell Young Living Essential Oils in my healing practice. 

True Essence Holistic Healing

Brynna Lyon- Certified Energy Therapist & Holistic Life Coach



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