5 Easy Remedies for Better Sleep!

September 18, 2018

5 Easy ways to sleep better:


1) De-clutter & Clean your sleeping area: 

Sleeping in an organized and clean environment will not only help put your mind to ease but is also good for your health & breathing! Your room is your sanctuary and a place to allow rest from the activities and stress of the day so anything that is NOT promoting rest and is connected to stress has got to go! Items also carry energy so any item that does not bring you joy needs to be removed. It is recommended that beds & mattresses be replaced after a major breakup or divorce to fully close out that chapter and help to emotionally & energetically let go and heal.  Washing bedding, sheets, dirty laundry & paying  attention to windows which is a great breeding ground for mold is essential to a better night's sleep and promoting good health. Lastly, stop bringing your work and daily life into your bedroom! The bedrooms purpose is for sleep and love making and a pile of work, surfing the web on your cellphone or laptop, and other items related to daily life does nothing to promote sleep nor love making. Just saying! 


2) Arrange & decorate your room in a way that feels good to you! The simple way that items are arranged or placed can change the entire feel of a room. Do you like where you bed is and the direction it is facing? Do you like the furniture and decorations? Do you like the colors in your room? Do they promote sleep and peacefulness? Reds, oranges, & yellows are all warm and stimulating colors! Blue, Indigo, and Violet are all cool, sedating, and peaceful colors. Green is a neutral color  (minus neon, neon anything is not recommended). If your are feeling restless, consider using more cool colors. However if you struggle with feeling blue or depressed or needing more warmth, then green and warm colored objects used sparingly can help. Take time to make your room a place that feels good to you. Create your sanctuary. 


3) Remove or limit electronics in your room. During sleep you want your brain to be able to relax and when electronics are around it can cause quite a bit of interference. Especially, people who are super sensitive to their environment can really benefit from this. If you have trouble falling asleep and need some background noise try a fan, noise machine, or even some meditation music. One fantastic and inexpensive item to help with electronic exposure and purifying the air while also creating positive vibes to reduce stress is a Himalayan salt lamp. 


4) Detox! Our bodies natural process includes detoxifying itself. However we are so bombarded by toxins from our polluted environment, food,  and fast paced high stress society that we can't rid ourselves from it all.  Built up toxins get stored in our fat cells and connective tissues where they turn into acid waste which attacks our joints & tissues resulting in inflammation, pain, problems with our hormones and glands and much more. How can anyone sleep well when they are in pain and their body is stuck stressed out and poorly functioning? It can be of great benefit to invest in a good long-term detox plan that promotes natural & gentle but effective results. I highly recommend working with a nutrition expert  who can help you to use organic foods to promote detox, try juicing, or try the IonCleanse Foot Detox by AMD. (Yes, I do offer this service). Also, drinking plenty of clean & filtered water is key to detox! When it comes to better sleep, creating a platform for your body to properly function speaks for itself. 


5) Try Essential Oils! A high quality therapeutic grade essential oil can make a world of difference when it comes to sleep. A cold diffuser in which you use water or just a fan diffuser with the right essential oil or oil blend to promote good sleep or even good breathing can be a life saver. Some of my relaxation favorites by Young Living Essential Oils are: Lavender, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, & Breathe Again. 

You can also diffuse essential oils or make a spray to help cleanse the room and keep it free of mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors! Purification, Theives, and Lemon by Young Living  are great oils for this purpose. 




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