Denise D.

Brynna brings a refreshing change to the healing industry. Coupled with her professional training, she incorporates various additional modalities such as Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, and Tuning Forks. In session Brynna uses her skills to target, address and open the channels of healing the distress of 
the Mind, Body & Soul.

A session with Brynna promotes life improvements by a skilled professional. 
Working not only from her professional training, Brynna also uses her 
Intuitive Guidance bringing a deeper healing to her clients resulting in 
enhancing, improving and stabilizing their lives.

In my professional opinion, as a healer of over 40 years, I have found her 
to be one of the purest healers I have ever met. Her intention is 100% focused on what is for the client’s highest good as she operates from the Intuitive and divine Spiritual realm.


I've struggled with anxiety, emotional pain, and significant back pain for most of my life. I have also been diagnosed with PTSD and I have tried many forms of therapy including  different types of energy healing, counseling, and specialized rapid eye movement counseling which still did not provide me enough relief to break through "the funk" and help me move forward in life and out of being stuck. I also was referred for medical massage every month for my chronic back pain and this too did not give me relief. 


Enter Brynna: I happened upon Brynna by accident and with skepticism I made an appointment thinking what do I have to loose? I had anxiety going into the appointment but Brynna put me at ease with her warmth, compassion, and genuine nature. I've had numerous appointments with Brynna and continue to be blown away by her intuitive ability to know what going on with me both physically and emotionally. She has a gift like no other provider I have seen. I can now say with confidence that my funk is gone. I feel noticeably more grounded, confident, focused and able to make decisions without questioning myself. I no longer feel exhausted. 


One particular visit, I mentioned to Brynna that I was having worse than than usual back pain. She suggested working on that in the session and again, I was skeptical about how she could possibly relieve my back pain. When finished, Brynna stated that I would probably feel less pain by the evening and to my surprise, she was right.  My pain was gone and I felt so much better. 


Brynna has a gift and is a gift from God. I've noticed a major shift in my personal growth and finally feel at peace with who I am. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed much of the time, lack energy, have a desire to find your true self, need grounding and balance in your life, I highly recommend Brynna. You will not be disappointment. I only wish I'd stumbled upon her earlier in life but am so thankful to her for starting me on my healing journey. 

Veronica R.

You haven’t experienced true energy healing until you see Brynna. She is truly caring and all around knowledgeable in her craft. This woman has a gift like no other I’ve met, has highly effective techniques making use of unique tools in a session that is customized to you and takes the time to get you settled in and comfortable to get the most out of your session which is something I really value. I also love her tranquility treatment which consists of a delightfultea & gemstone foot soak with diffused aromatherapy, dark chocolate and a cup of tea of your choice which aids in further relaxation increasing your overall sense of well-being ...if you have the extra time afterwards it’s well worth it!! This is a great addition to your self care routine

Miss T

I have always been a person that takes vitamins & herbs. Healing, detox, and cleansing are terms that I am familiar with but I had not heard of foot detox treatments. While sitting at the salon getting my hair done, I saw a flyer and the foot detox and thought "Foot Detox-What is that?" I met Brynna and she was more than happy to explain how the treatment works. I was fascinated by the reference chart showing the colors the water will change that helps to identify the area in the body that toxins are being released from such as joints, liver, etc. I was glad to know upfront to expect coloring in the water and I decided to give it a try.

The first treatment left me feeling so relaxed, my mind felt clearer, and in general it just felt good. My daughter & I now look forward to seeing Brynna and getting our detox soaks every week! I have so much more energy and mental clarity and my body feels good! I love it! Thank you Brynna for all your support.  


I had the privilege to work with Brynna for the last six months.  We first started working on releasing some of my emotional and healing needs and it eventually morphed into a business coaching relationship. She helped me to see patterns of behavior and outdated thought patterns that could be released.  After receiving her healing, I definitely felt better physically and mentally. 

She also helped me to realize a passion and dream I’d had hidden inside me.  With her help, I launched a new business in only a few months after working with her.  I highly recommend her skills as a healer and a coach.   She has a gift to help you realize your dreams and goals while providing gentle support and healing along the way.

Kim B.

I’ve had different types of energy work done over the years so I had a general idea of what Brynna offered, but boy did she blow me away! My session with Brynna was very specific to me and my needs as they came up that day. She worked with my feelings of self-doubt, and not allowing myself to be the open, silly, confident woman I am.  She’s very intuitive, easy and comfortable to work with, and offered wonderful insight into what’s holding me back.
After our session, and continuing into the next week, I felt lighter. I’m clearer about the direction I want to take in business, and am able to see what my inner 14 year old needs so that I can start to connect with my 14 year old step-daughter. I found the experience to be very enlightening and energizing!
I’d recommend True Essence Holistic Healing to anyone who feels stuck somewhere in their life. You’ll breathe a little easier, and sleep a little more soundly!

Jewell Arbour

Brynna Lyon is a gift from God. I’ve had the honor of knowing Brynna for almost 2 years, meeting her through a holistic certification training program. I can genuinely attest to her natural giftedness in the areas of intuitive healing, guidance, and coaching- as she has generously offered me off-and-on over our two years together. Brynna has worked with me both professionally & personally helping me with clearing away mental/emotional blocks that were (at times) interfering with the momentum in moving my life forward. She intuitively suggested and generously offered healing energy work for me with something l have been struggling with in my personal life. Since working with her on a weekly basis over the past couple of months, I can honestly say I feel more confident, grounded, and focused...AND my business has consistently grown! Brynna has a unique disposition in that she is able to balance humor, gentleness, and fire with a natural assuredness and ease making it a delight to work with her.! Thank you, Brynna, for your unconditional love, care and support along my journey. 

~ Owner and Intentional Life Design Coach @ Harmony by Design


“I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and my anxiety, stress, depression, along with several other symptoms was so exhausting and painful. Most of my symptoms started to dissipate only after working with Brynna. I can’t even remember all my pain since some of my symptoms have completely disappeared. This is almost 2 years after it had started and I had spent approximately $4,000 trying to get rid of it by other avenues some of which helped very little and some not at all. Thank you Brynna and I encourage anyone and everyone to start their healing journey with Brynna right away.”


"Brynna is a gifted healer and greatly attuned to her client's needs. I have found a great shift in my personal growth. I would recommend her services to anyone needing help to unblock and realign their individual space."

Rhea F.

It is a great pleasure working with Brynna. She puts you at ease instantly with her genuine warmth and friendliness. Brynna is strinkingly intuitive; she was able to relieve my back pain which, I believe, was energetic in nature. I could feel the energy being manipulated and released as she worked with it. As a former energy healer myself, I was impressed with Brynna's knowledge, discernment, compassion, and skill. I highly recommend her.


 "I am an allopathic medical professional myself and have seen Brynna several times. One time I saw her as I was getting ill and it helped relieve symptoms. I also saw her for my severe pain after a car accident. Overnight I felt a big change in how my body felt. It melted away tension, pain, the scattered/foggy feeling, and overall mood. I highly recommend her, particularly if you are one of those people who can't seem to gain any relief from other treatments and know something feels off."

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